Marketpro Specializes in customer attachment and sweepstakes that perform. Distributed in the United States, our platform services promotional campaigns for e-commerce and retail establishments.

The MarketPro CSS is the complete service solution for letting your customers redeem their points or cash for products through an online store. Automatically>. The CSS can be used for awarding prizes for patronage, or for supporting your own sweepstakes effort.

The CSS focuses on performing as a fully integrated and hands off solution, which allows you to handle your everyday business.

Both sides of the equation. Covered.

Getting an ecommerce system running using a custom credit schema is a large project. The CSS system can meet your needs for data transportation.
The CSS can integrate with most any data source today.

One side of the equation is getting your data into another system. Using proven tools we can constantly move your players data into our ecommerce system, giving your customers another method of using their credits.

The other side is that once your player credit data is integrated, your members can use their credits to purchase retail goods that we populate and maintain, and then ship direct.

For the customer, it starts with a receipt.


When a customer get’s a receipt, they can see a unique code printed on it. This code represents the players account number and a specific value for the receipt.
Your customer can then enter that code into a custom branded e-commerce store featuring products maintained and supplied by our network of vendors.
The account number can be of any length, and the amount of any value. The account and value are secured using 128bit MD5 encryption. We can integrate most any platform with the CSS for true data compatibility.

With the receipt in hand the customer is ready to start shopping.

Your custom branded store With the customer holding your unique receipt, they can visit your customized online store. Your store is automatically populated with products, all themed to your requirements. Inventory is managed by the CSS as well.

The CSS system is linked to thousands of product suppliers with access to over 1.7 million unique products –none of which you have to manage yourself.

Wrapping up the transaction


Getting orders out the door is the last, and most powerful piece of the CSS. When a customer places an order, our system debits their player account balance, and links the order to our global vendor network.

Once the order is placed, the product is packaged and shipped, direct to your customer. Each order is fulfilled completely automatically.